Toyota FT 4X is FJ Cruiser successor

The Toyota FT 4X was introduced at the New York Auto Show this week. Since the discontinuation of Toyota FJ, the consumers have been waiting for a new, affordable and off-road oriented compact SUV that will continue the lineage established by the Land Cruiser. The 4–door 4WD presents elegant crossover displays with beautiful departure angles adding to the model’s prowess on off-road capability. It features beefy tires and wide offenders that add to its rugged exterior. At the interior cabin, there is a fully-equipped toolbox. The fold rear seats allow for a spacious cargo room while the slide rear cargo floor provides more storage and easy access to the multi-Hatch rear door which slits thus swing open or operates as a one-piece-lift-gate.

Toyota FT 4X front

Toyota FT 4X – The New Global C-Platform Architecture

This concept vehicle is more of a giant orange gearbox with the four-wheel drive system. Overall, the exterior size is nearly the same to that of subcompact Toyota C-HR SUV. The places it in the same class with the likes of high-performance compact off-roaders like Jeep Renegade Trailhawk. The vehicle is actually guided by a philosophy of a “rugged charm” concept revolving around a simple, inherently capable and durable design.

The Toyota FT 4X embodies all these attributes. It drives on massive 12-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels complemented by knobby tires. The new Toyota FT 4X rides on the company’s new Global C-Platform architecture. This platform is shared with other models like the C-HR. The car adopts a 103.9-inch wheelbase and with a new suspension featuring struts up front alongside control arms at rear side. The Toyota did not hint on the powertrain but we are suspecting a small four-cylinder engine under the hood.

Toyota FT 4X interior

Inside the Cabin

Although the automaker has barely provided all the information regarding this car, the spy shots taken during testing shows an SUV/CUV family car. The main curiosity is the absence of onboard navigation system or an infotainment screen. However, the Toyota FT 4X brings a phone mount above the gauge cluster. Probably, the designer has it in mind that the young generation whom the automaker is targeting with the car relies on their phones and app-based navigation system. In as much as this is agreeable, there are divided opinions regarding the same as some argue that integrated Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on an onboard screen is not convenient for most. Expect a vertical removable picture window on the driver’s side of the car. Modernity is however featured by the hidden rear door handles as seen on the C-HR.

Toyota FT 4X rear

The boxy Toyota FT 4X features a modern appearance inspired by themes from Scion XB and the Honda Element. Among the cools stuff include a water bottle integrated into the rear and front doors, a new front dome light which also doubles as the car’s exterior beacon, ceiling mounted light that can also operate as a portable flashlight, removable audio system. There is also a sleeping bag that doubles up as a central armrest.

Toyota FT 4X trunk


Generally, the Toyota FT 4X is an ideal continuation of the manufacturer’s off-road history and it is our hope that it will feature a powerful engine which complements its elegant rugged design.

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