The new Mitsubishi ASX Caught on the Roads

The upcoming model Mitsubishi ASX will be the next generation launched most likely by the end of next or even at the beginning of 2018. The spy photos with a lot of camo are already showed but now, there are also some photos of this model on the public roads, and without so much camo as before. That is very good because we can clearly see which changes are provided. This model will come with a lot of changes, and that is so normal considering the fact that this is next gen. We can expect all-new body with some features from the XR-PHEV Concept.

2018 Mitsubishi ASX front

The entire chassis of Mitsubishi ASX will be now constructed using a lot of aluminum materials. That certainly means that we can expect better overall performance as well as better fuel economy. When it comes to some specific details from the outside, at the front side we can notice some changes. This model will have a new front end, called Dynamic Shield. Here we can notice distinctive grille finished in black with the Company logo in the middle. Also, the headlights will be most likely slightly modified, and it is certain that will use the latest LED technology.

Furthermore, the rear end of Mitsubishi ASX is also changed. It will be taller and it will have an entirely different profile. The profile side is also a bit different. At the sides, we can see large aluminum wheels but its size is not known yet. We can also expect a generously-sized infotainment screen that will be fitted with the updated system. It will include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and that is very good. Also, the leather will most likely wrap the multifunctional steering wheel. We can also expect more driver assistance systems inside.

The picture of Mitsubishi ASX is from Japan public roads.

2018 Mitsubishi ASX rear view
The 2018 Mitsubishi ASX will probably feature the similar Hybrid powertrain that we used to see in the XR-PHEV’s. We can also expect downsized engines compared to the previous model. However, that engine will benefit from turbocharging. The Hybrid powertrain will be most likely introduced soon in the life cycle of this model.

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