Mazda CX-6 Concept Review

At one point, Mazda attempted to conquer the crossover segment with its five-seating CX-7. But just a short successful run, the Japanese car model opted to let die the model and focused on its newest offering – the much larger CX-9 and the compact CX-5. It is a good move considering the carmaker’s limited resources and the shifting trends in the global car market. While there have been rumors of the potential comeback of the CX-7, we have also seen in the development phase another model that slots between the CX-5 and CX-9. According to some sources, engineers and designers at Mazda are prepping another two-row, coup-style model. It’s a bid to counter the crossover segment currently held by the BMW X3 and Audi Q5.

Mazda CX-6 Concept front

Mazda CX-6 Concept – Interior and Exterior:

We’ve seen some leaked photos of a crossover coupe SUV at Mazda’s production facility in China. Some suggest that it would be tagged as the new CX-6 but it turned out to be the CX-4, and which has been unveiled at the last Beijing Auto Show. As previously speculated, the CX-4 would be sold exclusively to the Chinese car market, as it will be produced by Mazda together with its joint-venture partner. We expect the production to be added soon in Japan and hopefully in other markets too.

With the CX-4 finally unveiled, we are just speculating about how the Mazda CX-6 would look like. One thing for sure is that it would still be styled under the Koeru concept which was previously unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show last year. An obvious difference would be reflected in the car’s exhaust pipe.

The interiors would still get premium leather materials complement by aluminum accents. Similar to the recent models released by the Japanese carmaker, we would expect Mazda MZD Connect controller, an electrically assisted handbrake, premium and sporty looking gauges, and push-button start. We also expect to see a heads-up display module as previously seen in other Mazda CX models.

Another interesting thing about the upcoming Mazda CX-6 is that it would get the SkyActiv architecture, which guarantees better styling and performance. We are unsure about the dimensions of this new crossover but it would most definitely slot between the smaller CX-5 and CX-7. Some suggest that it would be around 4,635 mm in length, 2,700 mm wide and with 210 mm of above ground. It would likely have similar dimensions with the Audi Q5 or the Lexus NX – the two current leaders in the luxury compact crossover segment. The entry of the CX-6 is highly necessary considering that the CX-5 is not as large as its other competitors in the segment. If the Japanese carmaker wants to stay relevant on the current market trends, we can say that the development of this crossover is timely.

Mazda CX-6 Concept rear

Mazda CX-6 Concept – Engine Specs:

We haven’t got any word about the engine specs of the Mazda CX-6. But based on the latest car models released by the carmaker, we could only guess that it would be a four-cylinder turbo engine that could either range around 1.8-liter to 2.3-liter. the current crop of engines of Mazda would likely not fit into the design and built of the CX, so we’re expecting a new and better engine to produced for this purpose. The transmission will almost be automatic but features a self-shifting technology. We hope to see a CVT but judging by their latest models, Mazda seems fixated with geared automatics.

We don’t expect to see this model being unveiled soon; especially that Mazda has just recently released the CX-4. Similarly, we haven’t got any info about its possible price tag.

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