Lotus 3-Eleven Review

It was hardly a surprise that Lotus announced plans to expand its range of F1-bred superfast sports motors, but we might just say that the 3-Eleven is one step ahead of the game. Its speed, the grip, the noise and above all, the sheer force involved; there you have one of the rawest cars around.


It appears that Lotus’s 3-Eleven is the all-new supercar since the Exige V6 that was released in 2012 – but what we can say is that this remarkable motor seems to be the fastest ever production car of Lotus’s line-up, and what a brilliant job they have a done!

The 3-Eleven itself is much lighter than its predecessor – something none of us thought was possible from the F1 car manufacturer, but time has proven us wrong in so many ways.

Lotus 3-Eleven

What’s it Like to Drive?

“Lotus’ 3-Eleven supercar does exactly what your foot demands at the exact time it is demanded; it is relentlessly rapid at speed and as you would imagine, it’s difficult to catch your breath at times”, Kieran Anderson of Affordable Cars. But, that shouldn’t be a negative for any passionate automotive aficionado.

What’s it Like on the Inside?

Although Lotus’s 3-Eleven doesn’t quite live up to Range Rover or Audi when it comes to its interior features, that shouldn’t matter to any eager petrol-head wanting to jump behind the wheel. There are no little gadgets to fiddle with – the only feature that comes close is the ABS and traction control. Unless you’re enthusiastic about lap records, we would suggest you invest in the Road version, that way you get a proper manual gearbox to play with and you save thousands at the same time!

What’s it Like to Own?

No matter what version you decide to invest in, it certainly won’t come cheap – on average, it’s priced at nearly double the cost of an equally fast Ariel Atom or Caterham 620. Nonetheless, the 3-Eleven still feels and acts as a serious car, so all petrol-heads are bound to feel proud should you make the investment – and indeed you should since only 311 have ever been manufactured, and Lotus has not yet announced plans to make any more.

Our Verdict

If the price tag of between £82,500 and £116,500 doesn’t bother you at all, then, by all means, make the investment while you can. Now that Lotus’s 3-Eleven is no longer classed as the baby of the family, you might be able to find one that is a little bit cheaper, but for what it’s worth, and for all that it offers, it’s well and truly worth it.

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