Hyundai planning two more SUVs by 2020

The Hyundai Company is already very famous and it is one of the best companies in the world, but still, they want to improve themselves, and that fact is very good for all the people who love this manufacturer. The best way to improve yourself is to invest in yourself, and exactly that thing we can expect from Hyundai. To be more precise, the Company will most likely continue to grow their lineup. We can clearly say that by 2020, we can expect an expansion of its SUV lineup.

More precisely, the Hyundai will offer two more SUVs. They confirmed that there is going to be sub-compact as well as upper-large SUVs. How do we know that? Actually, they tell us. At the international launch of the Kona in South Korea (Seoul), the company’s executives confirmed that they have a very good plan.

According to them, that plan consists of introducing the A-segment (sub-compact) crossover. This new vehicle will sit just below the recently-revealed Kona. Also, the second part of the plan is the introduction of the E-segment (upper large). This model will sit above the very famous Santa Fe model.

2018 Hyundai Kona front view

What else we know?

We can confidently say that the recently developed sub-compact SUV will be very popular vehicle among all the Hyundai enthusiast. Also, this future model will have a competitor in sight of the Suzuki Ignis model. When it comes to the upper-large model, this one will most likely compete with the Toyota Land Cruiser for example.

Furthermore, we have more information about the larger model, but at this point, those pieces of information are quite unreliable, because we have 3 more years until its introduction. What we can say at this moment is that it is unclear how large the larger model will be. At this time, we have a long-wheelbase version of the Santa Fe that is presented in select left-hand drive markets. Locally, this vehicle is known as the five-seat Santa Fe Sport.

However, the coming model will be probably even bigger that for example Santa Fe Sport five-seater. The customers in Korea show more preference towards SUVs than sedans, and because of that, we can expect extremely large model. However, sedans like the Grandeur and Sonata will most likely continue to lead in Hyundai’s home market.

2018 Hyundai Santa Fe

Surprise for all the Customers

In addition to these two new models, the Hyundai Company will also prepare one surprise for all the customers. Actually, the surprise will be the introduction of the 14 green models. We can expect those vehicles in the market by 2020. One of the possible green models will be an all-electric variant of the recently developed Kona.

According to Hyundai, they will target fantastic 390-kilometer range on the one single charge which is you must admit, very impressive.

One more eco-friendly addition to the Hyundai manufacturer will be a production version of the FE Fuel Cell concept. As we know, this concept was presented for the first time this year’s Geneva motor show in March. The people from Company says that we can expect its official debut sometime next year.

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