How to Find Custom Car Covers for Any Car Brand

There are so many different car covers to choose from. When it comes to getting a car cover, it’s crucial to get one that’s custom-designed for your specific car. There’s really no such thing as a universal car cover. If you get one of those, chances are it won’t fit. If it is too big, it will flap in the wind and scratch your car’s paint. And if you get a cover that’s too small, then you can’t really call it a cover. Here’s your guide to finding the perfect car cover, no matter what you drive.

Choose a Trustworthy Brand

The most important step is finding an established brand you can count on for a perfect fit. California Car Cover has a reputation for designing the highest quality car covers made of out protective, precision-cut fabric. Whether you’re looking for a Chevy car cover or a Toyota Corolla car cover, you can get the best protection and coverage from a California Car Cover. You can put in your car’s year, make, model, and trim on their website and find covers that will fit.

car cover

Determine the Right Material

Don’t assume that just any material will be fine. There are covers designed for specific purposes. Here are some examples:

  • Plushweave Cotton Flannel: Made from 100% cotton for excellent for indoor use and treated with Scotchgard for light outdoor settings.
  • ViewShield See-Through: A great indoor cover for simultaneously showing off your vehicle while protecting it from dust.
  • Superwave: This material is designed to protect your vehicle from weather, water, and harmful UV rays while it’s outdoors.
  • Noah: Need to have your car outside while it’s pouring rain? The Noah is impressively water-resistant.

As you can see, there are so many different materials available depending on where you’re going to keep your car.

Whether you need a Toyota Corolla car cover or a cover for your truck cab, California Car Cover has it all. Check out their selection of custom car and truck covers!

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