2022 Volkswagen Microbus Concept

The 2022 Volkswagen Microbus will make you want to look into the notion of vehicle title loans to pay down your current debt. This VAN-type vehicle has all the bells and whistles of a new age van but is also the epitome of all things eco-friendly.

The Microbus Buzz will be one of three electric vehicles that Volkswagen plans to unveil in coming years. The other two cars are the ID Crozz SUV and the ID Hatchback, which takes on the form of a crossover with its design.

2022 Volkswagen Microbus

Volkswagen’s Microbus comes with the added perk of being designed after the beloved 1960s Volkswagen bus that took the world by storm last century. Many revolutionary thinkers of the 1960s, including the Beatles, let the van that could double as a sleeping quarters be the car that defined their generation. Volkswagen’s symbol was also representative of peace because of those who used the vehicle during rallies that promoted unity.

The forthcoming Microbus will also create new vibes as it is all electric. The Buzz will be 194.5 inches long, which is about nine inches shorter than the Honda Odyssey and just four inches shorter than the Ford Explorer. You can enjoy the luxuries of a VAN without having to drive around the parking lot in search of the right spot if you choose to buy the Volkswagen Microbus in 2022.

The compactness of the powertrain planned for the Microbus means that the vehicle will have various seating configurations. Volkswagen is hoping that all Buzz ID models will be completely autonomous by the year 2025. The full range of the Microbus is not yet available, though many believe that it will be about 270 miles, which is the same as the vehicle’s conceptual model. A recent EPA test of the current Microbus proved the van to be a 369-hp system.

2022 Volkswagen Microbus interior

Of course, you can probably expect the finished version of the Volkswagen Microbus to be more powerful and innovative. There is indeed no telling where manufacturers will go regarding electrical technology. Buyers can definitely expect to reap the benefits of modern features that give drivers the option of using gas or electricity to power the vehicle throughout the day. In fact, it is speculated that a 111 kWh battery pack will be attached to this innovative car. The battery is slated to power the 80 percent of the bus the majority of the time.

“For me, the I.D. Buzz concept is the most beautiful and most exciting electric car in the world,” Dr. Herbert Diess of Volkswagen says. “Our goal is clear: we want to make the fully electric, fully connected car a bestseller around the world. The iconic car of the electric age must be a Volkswagen.”

Deiss further explains, “This vehicle unites past and future, as well as Pebble Beach and Silicon Valley. The Microbus has long been part of the California lifestyle. Now we’re bringing it back by reinventing it as an electric vehicle.”

The 2022 Volkswagen Microbus will be built in Hanover, Germany, where earlier generations of the celebrated van were manufactured. The vehicle is expected to take the United States, Europe, and China by storm within the next ten years.

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