2019 BMW X3 edrive Release Date, Price and Specs

As the next phase of its I Division, and part of its electric plans, the BMW group has announced the release of the 2019 BMW X3 edrive. This is not its first foray into the electric vehicle market but with this release, the BMW hopes that they will be ahead of the competition.

This model is a plug-in variant of the BMW X3, but less expensive as the manufacturer hopes it will provide a mainstream offering for its consumers, next to the BMW 330e. On top of that, the new 2019 BMW X3 edrive is said to add new technology, grow lighter as well as offering more interior space.

2019 BMW X3 edrive front

2019 BMW X3 edrive – More Interior Space

The new 2019 BMW X3 edrive is set to offer more interior space in comparison to similar models. There will be less interior noise due to its carbon core platform. This is a feature that the manufacturer started developing in their 7 series models.

The interior layout is new and will feature optional heated and cooled seats. Also, the split folding rear seat, gesture controlled infotainment system, full color heads up display and tri zone climate control will be included.

On the exterior, the 2019 BMW will sport headlamps and a relatively wide center grill with a sporty bumper. Around the back, the new model will be fitted with a diffuser-like arrangement with big round tailpipes. The sides will undergo fewer changes with maybe just a slight revision of the side skirts.

2019 BMW X3 edrive

Under the Hood of the 2019 BMW X3 edrive

Very little information concerning the engine and performance of the 2019 BMW X3 edrive. Being a hybrid, it will most certainly be modeled around the specifications of the 2017 X3 model. From some rumors, it will feature an electric motor with an outcome of around 225kW. The cumulative horsepower is expected to be around 252hp.

It will most likely deliver a range of 200 miles on single charge. The rechargeable battery comes with the latest in recharging technology to allow for faster charging.

Development and Expected Price

Reports suggest that the new model will be set for release in late 2018. However, more realistic forecasts set the date of release for some time in 2019 when production is set to officially commence. As things stand, it is still too early to call to any official estimates on prices.

Since the manufacturer has pegged this as a mainstream offering, expect a price range of between 50, 000 USD and a maximum of 60, 000 USD.

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