2019 BMW i5 SUV Concept, Rumors

The exact information and news regarding the 2019 BMW i5 SUV are not yet available completely. However, automobile experts are assuming that the crossover from the company will be one in a kind. Demands of crossover cars are ever increasing in the automobile market today. Almost all automobile manufacturers have launched one or other kind of crossover for customers. The BMW is a leader in automobile manufacturing and it is obvious that a new car in the crossover section will be launched by the company.

2019 BMW i5 SUV front

2019 BMW i5 SUV – Extremely Stylish

The 2019 BMW i5 SUV is expected to have extremely stylish designing – both in the interiors and the exteriors. If you take a look at the car exterior, you will simply fall in love with the same. The best thing about the exterior designing is that it has a futuristic appeal. The chassis of the vehicle has a modern approach and is very stylish. Moreover, the body of the crossover is supposedly made of lightweight but tough materials. At first glance, you will find many resemblances of this car with BMW X models, but the appeal with be more modern.

The front grille will have the trademark BMW style, but the vertical bars will be excluded. The headlights that are installed in the 2019 BMW i5 SUV will be fused in a smart manner with the grille and is slender in appearance. Both the headlights and taillights are powered by LED technology. Right below the headlights are the smartly placed minuscule fog lights. Though the sizes of the fog lights are small, they are very strong. The air intakes are very nicely designed and are integrated into the front bumper. The rear side and the roof of the vehicle are made of glass. The wheels on which the car runs are supposedly 20-21 inches.

Spacious Cabin

The interior of 2019 BMW i5 SUV is amazingly stylish. The cabin is very spacious and includes high-tech features. It is being estimated that this new crossover from BMW will be able to accommodate 5 people. The premium quality leather is used in covering the well-shaped seats. The latest infotainment system will be also installed in the crossover along with a large touch screen display. The vehicle has dual climate control facility as well as many other interesting and highly-advanced features, which take it to a different level altogether.

Safety and Security Features

It is needless to say that 2019 BMW i5 SUV comes with power-packed safety and security features. Though the exact features are still not known, it is being estimated that the safety and security features of BMW X models are all included in this crossover. All these features make driving for the driver and traveling for the passengers extremely safe and secured.

2019 BMW i5 SUV interior

Engine Rumors

Just like many features of the 2019 BMW i5 SUV, perfect information regarding the drive train is not available as yet. The only thing that is known is that the vehicle will have an electric engine, which has the capacity of running to 200 miles. There are high chances that the hybrid car will have an engine like i8.

2019 BMW i5 SUV rear

Availability and Pricing

No final news has been obtained regarding the release date of 2019 BMW i5 SUV. The car is currently in its development phase. It is being expected that the crossover will be ready to be launched in the market in the early months of 2018. However, the first glance of the crossover might be seen at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, as per updates. Like its engine configuration and performance news, there is no news regarding the pricing of 2019 BMW i5 SUV. Experts in the automobile industry also opine that it will be in a range in between i3 and i8.

Summing it up

The 2019 BMW i5 SUV is going to make a great impact in the crossover section in the automobile industry. It is being estimated that this crossover will provide great competition to the likes of Telsa Model X. Though all details and specifications of the crossover are yet unknown, it is being hoped that the car will have the best features offered by BMW. After its launch, this crossover will surely rule the roads in style and become a coveted possession.

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