2018 Renault Espace Top Speed, Engine

The upcoming 2018 Renault Espace is the latest addition to the mid-size luxury crossover series. After being for more than 30 years on the market, the Espace has become somewhat outdated in comparison to the majority of current top SUV models. The Renault seems to have realized that on time and has decided to introduce a brand new model. Its latest SUV will feature plenty of improvements, which will include a more modern silhouette, a new engine, as well as a good number of driver-assistance systems. With these, the French manufacturer aims to reestablish the Espace as one of the leading SUVs on the market.

2018 Renault Espace front

2018 Renault Espace – Futuristic Look

When introduced for the first time in the mid-1980’s. the Espace was one of the most attractive and futuristic-looking SUVs on the market. These days, however, this vehicle is not among the best when it comes to the exterior looks. In order to change that and breathe a new life into the looks of the Espace, the Renault has decided to revamp its design. The newest 2018 Renault Espace features a much more athletic and sleek design now. It also looks much less boxy and it sports a thinner glazed surface on its sides. To complement the refreshed look, the Renault has opted to introduce a redesigned and lowered bonnet, some coupe-like hints in the back, as well an increased ground clearance. Thanks to the CFM platform, the latest Espace is also noticeably lighter than the previous models. This will ensure a better performance and higher fuel efficiency.

Stylish and Luxurious Interior

Inside, the 2018 Renault Espace looks very stylish and luxurious. The cabin is very well built and it offers plenty of comfort and convenience. When it comes to the overall interior design, the manufacturer decided not to change too much. Instead, it opted to update the looks with some new high-quality materials. These will include wood trims, Nappa leather, and aluminum.

Even though the Espace is now lighter, it is also longer than the previous versions. This will allow for more cargo options and provide more room for either 5 or 7 people, depending on the configuration. In terms of the tech equipment, the upcoming Espace will not lag behind its competition. It will feature a well-designed command center, along with an 8.7-inch touchscreen display, adaptive cruise control rearview cameras and more. The rest of the equipment will include a 12-speaker sound system from Bose, air condition control, phone connectivity suites and more.

2018 Renault Espace interior

2018 Renault Espace – Engine Specs

For power, the 2018 Renault Espace will rely on two engine variants. One of them will be a 1.6-liter diesel engine with 160 horsepower or optional 158 horsepower. The other will be a 1.6-liter gasoline engine, with 200 horsepower. With a diesel variant, the Espace will reach a top speed of 126 mph and go from 0 to 62 mph in less than 10 seconds. The engines will be coupled with either a six-speed manual or a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

2018 Renault Espace rear

2018 Renault Espace – Market Release, Price and Competitors

The brand new Espace is expected to hit the market by the end of 2017. Its estimated price will be from 32.000$ to 40.000. The 2018 Renault Espace will have lots of competitors, some of them are Opel Zafira, Ford Galaxy and others.

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