2018 Ford Bronco Rumors, Specs

In the latest news from the automobile industry, it has been known that the 2018 Ford Bronco will be released sometime soon. Ford, the leading automobile maker, has been manufacturing SUVs and other vehicles since long. However, talks of releasing a crossover in the form of Bronco have been doing the rounds since 2004, but the plan never materialized.

2018 Ford Bronco front

2018 Ford Bronco – Revamped Design

Both the exterior as well as the interior of 2018 Ford Bronco have been revamped to make the crossover look attractive and stylish. The exterior of the vehicle is done in an extremely stylish manner and have strong resemblances with the original Bronco. Available in attractive colors, the crossover has also a muscular and bold look.

The front, as well as the rear parts, has an aggressive look. The Ford logo is placed centrally in the grille and the headlights and fog lights are straight on the face in a bold manner. The body of 2018 Ford Bronco is light in weight due to use of aluminum and other lightweight materials.

Along with revamped exterior, the 2018 Ford Bronco has an attractive interior as well. The cabin is comfortable with seats made from high-quality leather. The crossover interior also have attractive features like radio tools, GPS, media player etc. The seating arrangements in the crossover are such that 5 people can be accommodated comfortably in the same. With climate control techniques used in the vehicle, the interiors remain comfortable and snug.

Safety and Security Features

Particular details regarding safety and security features are not available regarding the 2018 Ford Bronco. However, there is mention of the highly advanced security system including seat belts, airbags etc in the crossover for the safety of drivers and passengers.

Engine Offers

For the luxury crossover like Ford Bronco, there are many engine options that will be offered.

The engine that will power the new model is a 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine.

The second one option in Ford Bronco is a 3.5-liter inline turbo-diesel engine. For now we don’t have any information about EPA rating and other specs.

2018 Ford Bronco interior

Availability and Pricing

The final release date of 2018 Ford Bronco have not been announced yet. It is expected that the Ford crossover will be available towards the end of 2018 or 2019.

Finally, the crossover is expected to be in the price range of $30,000 Р$45,000.

Summing it up

The Ford Bronco is expected to give tough competition to the likes of Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner etc. This crossover comes with great combinations of looks, features, and performance expected to become a winner on the roads.

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