2018 BMW X3 G01 Revealed, Exclusive Video

The 2018 BMW X3 G01 was earlier this week spotted in Germany, giving us a glimpse of what to expect in September this year. The BMW engineers were behind the wheels in the quest to gauge the car’s capabilities and adaptability to weather conditions. The BMW has claimed the winter testing for the 2018 BMW X3 G01 has been concluded.

The part of the testing was to ensure that the next-gen crossover operates normally despite the extreme cold temperatures. The engineers focused their energy on tweaking and fine-tuning the dynamic behavior of the vehicle on the far-reaching ice surfaces of the Arctic Circle.

2018 BMW X3 G01 front

2018 BMW X3 G01 – Exterior & Interior Specs

The X3 is an all-new crossover that features an entirely new design language, chassis and technology. Based on our new spy shots, the GOI X3 retains its compact proportions and stocky appearance. Apparently, these aspects distinguish this model from the rest of the X family.

The 2018 BMW X3 G01 receives BMW’s flexible CLAR platform, which would slash a fair share of the weight. The primary goal is to improve performance and fuel efficiency. The front design was also altered to complement with new pedestrian safety regulations. Thus, it now sits slightly more upright than the previous edition.

Besides, its rear quarter features a marginally lower roofline and a one-piece tailgate. The GOI X3 model boasts a new exterior styling along with a more premium cabin, advanced telematics and high-tech safety features that are poised to make it a big seller for the Bavarians. At the front, this model ditches the connected Kidney Grilles which are massive and imposing on the road.

The automaker has also refreshed the taillights, and they now showcase BMW’s typical “L” shape. Twin-exhaust tailpipes and a downward-slanting roof spoiler add up to the car’s muscular appearance. Overall, the automaker has tried to bring together a premium feel, luxury, and sportiness, with a set of high-quality trims, gadgetry and leather.

The car’s cabin is geared toward BMW tradition with driver-focused and ergonomically optimized cockpit layout, which showcases several aspects of the car’s exterior design. The precise, sloping edges and hexagonal forms play a crucial role in the interior. Also, the entire cabin displays carefully thought ergonomics and exceptional quality material, fit and finish.

2018 BMW X3 G01 interior

Engine Specs and Acceleration Time

The standard 2018 BMW X3 G01 model is likely to feature a variant of BMW’s B46B engine under the hood. Consequently, it probably packs a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-spot that churns out around 240 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. The BMW alleges that the next-gen 2018 BMW X3 G01 model accelerates from 0-60 mph in just under 6 seconds.

2018 BMW X3 G01 side

Debut Date and Cost

Overall, the 2018 BMW X3 G01 is a handsome vehicle that appears far much better than the previous one. It gets a lightweight chassis, new technology, great engines, revised suspension and bespoke steering that brings a more upscale feel. Most fans are excited to drive this car.

Based on the latest gossip, the 2018 BMW X3 G01’s official release date is in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Production will follow suit at the Spartanburg plant in the United States as well as the Rosslyn factory in South Africa. The basic version will sell at around $40,000.

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