2017 Toyota Sequoia Redesign, Release Date

The Toyota Sequoia was first introduced as a full-size SUV by the Japanese carmaker in 2000. This full-sized SUV is patterned after the brand’s Tundra pickup truck and slots between the Toyota Land Cruiser and 4Runner. The Toyota Sequoia has undergone a couple of re-designs in the past years. The current Sequoia model unveiled at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show, is the second generation. Sequoia has consistently maintained a steady sales record and proves to be beneficial for Toyota.

But given the tight competition in the SUV market, Toyota is rumored to release an overhauled 2017 Toyota Sequoia late this year or early next year. The newest variant is expected to be equipped with advanced technology and engineering, typical of Toyota vehicles.

2017 Toyota Sequoia - front

Let’s Check the 2017 Toyota Sequoia: Inside and Out

The Japanese carmaker knows exactly how to design car interiors and the 2017 Toyota Sequoia speaks of that. The new Sequoia’s interiors blend in trendiness, functionality, and class. Compared to the current model, the redesigned Sequoia is a notch above in terms of comfort and space. Toyota managed to free up some space to allow extra room for luggage. And keeping up with the carmaker’s roots, the 2017 Toyota Sequoia SUV interiors is made of the finest quality of materials. Aside from refinements on the car seating and leather, the technological upgrades are expected to be the most obvious. Additional buttons and controls on the dashboard and steering wheel are almost certain.


The Sequoia 2017 retains its muscular exterior look. Some curves and lines have been added; the extra outlines work for both aesthetic purposes as well as for aerodynamics. Insider information reveals that Toyota intends to add important upgrades. Probably, the most apparent upgrades can be seen on the front grille and revised bumper designs, LED side lamps and head lamps are also anticipated additions. We could surmise that like the other recent models rolled out by Toyota; the 2017 Sequoia would have a much lighter bodyweight. And this reduction in weight equates to better fuel efficiency.

2017 Toyota Sequoia - interior

2017 Toyota Sequoia – Engine Upgrades

Not much has been reported about the new 2017 Toyota Sequoia engines but it up to some much-needed upgrades. The current models run on a 5.7-liter V8 engine and 4.7-liter V8 engine which packs a maximum 276 hp. It is safe to assume that Toyota would go for better engine specs or retain it but add some fuel efficiency features. There have been rumors that the new Toyota Sequoia 2017 would carry a new V6 engine that will give the SUV added power and it will run on a 5-speed programmed transmission or 6-speed auto transmission.

2017 Toyota Sequoia - side

2017 Toyota Sequoia – When to Hit the Road?

It is forecast that the Toyota Sequoia 2017 would be unveiled in the early months of 2016. It was once rumored to be introduced this year but is now unlikely. The third generation Sequoia will hold a steep price tag, but considering its features and upgrades, the cost seems reasonable enough. The projected price plays between $54,000 and $61,000 depending on the variant.

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