2017 Mercedes GLA Release Date, Review

The GLA is a compact luxury automobile crossover manufactured by the German luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz. The GLA model came in late 2013 as a 2014 year model. It soon became one of the very first models which were adopted in the company’s new naming policy. If you notice, the new names of cars in the company consist of three letters with the third letter defining the size and class. This means that the model is some kind of an A-Class of the SUV. The GLA is a model which has been accepted widely in the market. The sales are great for this particular model and Mercedes-Benz has already plans in making further modifications and improvements on the GLA model. This new refurbishment is deemed to be a mid-cycle refresh and will come with the 2017 Mercedes GLA.

2017 Mercedes GLA front

Details and Changes with 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA:

According to an inside report coming from the company, this compact crossover will be modified somewhere next year. Although this news is not yet really official, it still looks though to happen very likely since it will be the fourth year of production of the particular model. The upcoming 2017 Mercedes GLA is expected to have numerous changes. Many buyers are now excited to know what the modifications are but the exact details are not yet divulged to the public. It is known though that the base characteristics for these automobiles will continue to remain the same and will ride on the same platform which is borrowed from A-Class. There are also plenty of parts that are borrowed from the B-class and CLA models. With this update on hand, the 2017 Mercedes GLA will mostly come with alterations in its visual aspect. You can expect to encounter a more improved look with changes mostly in its front end. You will probably see revisited grille as well as headlights and also with more changes to it.

When it comes to the interior part of the automobile, the 2017 Mercedes GLA is expected to retain the same styling, equipped with recognizable air vents which are circular. Perhaps the possible changes are in terms of the new color details and maybe with the addition of new materials used. The public can also expect to see a longer list of standard features especially when the safety systems are talked about.

2017 Mercedes GLA interior

2017 Mercedes GLA РEngine Options:

Regarding the engine of the 2017 Mercedes GLA, it is expected that no change will happen. There will be only two variants which will be offered in the US market. The base model will be powered up with the use of 2.0-liter I-4 Turbocharged engine having a 208 hp and with 258-pound feet of torque. This engine will be paired with AWD as optional and with a 7-speed automated transmission system. The model will be made available also in high-performance AMG variant and will also use the same type of engine but with more power 355 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque.

2017 Mercedes GLA rear

2017 Mercedes GLA – Release Date and Price:

On the market should occur this year in October with a price of $ 33,500 to $ 35,500.

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